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About Nicaragua

In 2010 Pieter, the founder of 3C, was on an assignment for a Dutch art company in Nicaragua. This work sealed his fate, not only did he fell in love with the country but also with his present wife Dania who is also one of the team members.

We have the best daily inspirational view from the office on Mombacho Nicaragua.

Why we are different

The company is based in Nicaragua while the hosting takes place on reliable servers in the Netherlands. We have an international portfolio of clients who like our approach. No massive overhead because we keep a small footprint and a small dedicated staff. Project dependant we have dedicated free-lancers working with us.

We are competitive because we have a low cost and efficient streamlined workflow, we deliver the best for an interesting price. For our EU clients are we also available after business hours. So you can run your business and talk to us when it’s convienant for you.

About Pieter Nieuwenhuijs founder of 3C

Born in the Netherlands and a background in sales B2C as a CEO of Harley World Arnhem and later on as a sales manager for B2B in different companies, he started to shape his own philosophy how to support entrepeneurs with their internet presence. Graphic design and photography are his passion added these days with creating video. His strength is building a long term dedicated and engaging relationship with his customers. Serving clients in English, Dutch, German and Spanish.

Site management

Site management or managed hosting means we take away the headache of keeping your site up to date.

What does this mean for you? Technically we keep the site up to date anyway as part of our hosting agreement.

But we all know that you have to keep your customers and potential new clients informed about your business. That’s where we pick up that task, you just have to drop us a mail, a whatsapp message or any line of communication and we swiftly place the needed content or add pages to your site. For prime customers we even offer a free cloud service where you can upload your files. Let us talk about the hosting plans and find out what fits best.

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Whatsapp: +505 7554 1815

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